Stick-up without a gun and mask

Cavaliers vs. Warriors Game 7 Court-side Tickets Sell for Record $49,500 Each

Anyone that would pay $49,500.00 for one sporting event is either very wealthy – a total sports junkie that puts them self in hock for a year or two – someone with a few boards  loose on their basketball court or just completely nuts.

The seats way in the upper portion of the arenas where a person needs binoculars to watch the game are referred as nose bleed seats.  These court side seats should be called decapitation seats.

The price of the Cavs & The Warriors tickets court-side are highest price ever paid for a non-suite ticket in the site’s history.

Is it the fault of the owners that charge that outrageous amount  or the fools that pay that price. I will take door # 2. Without the fools the owners would be out of business.

$49.500.00 is what some court sides seats are going for at the Big 7th game between the Cavs and The Warriors tonight.  During the regular season,  those same seats probably go for 100 dollars each.

I could never get over why on December 28th a steak cost 35.00 in a restaurant.  On New Years Eve the same piece of hoof-less beast cost 75.00.  Same restaurant – same seat –  same nasty hostess – same poor service -same piece of meat.

These outrageous numbers are justified by something called supply and demand. I call it highway robbery.  The more scarce or precious anything is, the bigger the number it can demanded for it’s procurement. That is the way the world turns.

Take little country Sierra Leone for an example where the average income in 2015 was $ 766.00. 5o G’s there would be the equivalent of 65 years of work for one of those poor souls.

The USA and it’s high rollers has always been on top of the charts when it comes to extravagance.  The problem with some of the rich and famous; they are very cheap when it comes to tipping properly.  They think 20 – 25 %  is their IQ test scores.

The game should be very interesting a and exciting.  The winner will be the team  that pulls out all the stops and keeps the pressure on their opponent; don’t let them breath. It all depends on which one of the teams shows up tonight ready to take home the NBA Trophy.

If the Cavs play like they have been and win, they will write a new chapter in the history books as the first team to come back after being down by 2 games.

Just in case Lebron and Draymond  think about throw hands; there is a Cleveland guy and a good friend who is the NBA doctor on hand, David Soria. Dr. Dave is ready willing and able to patch up the two pugilists basketball players and get them back into the game. He is very good at what he does!!

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Cleveland needs a little shot in the arm. It has been a very long dry spell.

One thing that makes this legal heist for the seats a little more tolerable; it is not like a boxing match that some people pay big bucks to see live and can be over in 20 seconds of the first round.  The high rollers  at this basketball game can be guaranteed of one thing; they will get screwed for a full 48 minutes.

I bet they even have to pay full price for that watered  down beer and the stadium hot dogs. Chili on the  dogs most assuredly is extra.

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