Time to blow out the Olympic flame

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EARLIER: ‘Super Bacteria’ Found At Olympic Venues…

Is it worth it?? Not where I stand.

The governing body of the Olympics; The International Olympic Committee (IOC) knew when they gave Rio the nod to host the games that there was a major problem with Rio’s economy but still moved forward.

Now that the torch is supposed to be lit in a few weeks, Rio has sent up the red flag declaring their potential bankruptcy.

There are supposed to be 500,000 people visit the poverty torn city during the games. That is an engraved invitation for all of the criminals to start honing their skills. Rio is notorious for it’s crime rate that is sure to sky rocket during the events.


It was a not a wise choice from the beginning for IOC to even consider Rio as a contender to host the event. In order for Rio to pay the tab for the Olympics they had to steal from Peter to pay Paul in all of the governmental departments to pull it off.  Between the drop in oil prices they rely on heavily and the money they have spent gearing up for the games, the country is dead broke.

Based on the crime statistics in the country; there are many people that are skeptical about attending the games. That may be factor in the attendance  to keeping it way down. Poor attendance – poor revenue.

It just doesn’t make sense for any  country to pour billions of dollars into the construction of an Olympic Village and all of the trimmings that go with it. So far it has cost Rio  39 billion reasi (113,000,000,000 dollars) to put on the splash; a country that can not afford go to a movie and buy popcorn in the same night.

There has been very strong opposition by the people of Rio to going ahead with the project but like in any government; it all falls on deaf ears.

Personally I think it is time to put this destitute cash cow into the pasture. When any country has to go into hock to put on this event and than have the majority of the venues stand vacant for years, it is ridiculous.

It is like the bride that spend 20 grand on  a dress she wears once, spend 150,000 G’s for the grand splash, all for one night.  Not to mention they get divorced 6 months later.


I did these posts awhile back when the Judo Guy and friends put on the Olympics in the country of (if you crack open a bottle of vodka, you have to finish it).



This guy took his countrymen to the cleaners with all of the alleged kickbacks he received from the contractors that built the venue.  According to which news media you believe; it is estimated that the Judo Guy got almost 33% in kickbacks. An estimate is that Putin spent 51 billion dollars putting on the splash.


Be that as it may; it is time to put the Olympics to rest. The games were instituted to gather all of the countries in the world together  for the benefit of spreading peace.  We all know just how peaceful this world has become. Plus the fact that the hosting countries are going broke putting on this shindig.

Time to put it to bed. I can think of so many more things Brazil could have used that $113,000,000,000 for then a very short wedding ceremony and  one possibly no one will attend; like possibly feeding their starving children and rebuilding their country.

download (6)    images (6)

images (7)    images (8)

Is it mind-boggling that ANY country would even consider spending billion on an event when the rest of their country looks like this???  In many situations the USA’s conditions are a  mirror to Rio.

images (9)

Shame on all of the thieves!!!!

The only possible reason these game went off in Rio (maybe) there are a very few on top of the food chain that are making a fortune while millions of others are starving.

I came to the conclusion many years ago that ALL governments and most of the politicians are all ——up.  That explains why they spend 2 billion dollars on a campaign when it only pays $400,000.00 a year. That adds up to a lot of paybacks to be indebted to. No one does nothing for nothing, especially in politics.

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