Don’t let them try to bullshit us

Putin: We’ll work with any candidate U.S. voters choose

Today the Judo guy said he didn’t care which one of the two presumptives  get the most check marks in November.

Don’t let the Judo Guy and the rest of the worlds ruthless leaders try and bullshit us. The last one they want to see sitting in the Big Chair is Trump.

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For almost 8 years; THEY been playing kick the can with Obama who has no idea whatsoever how to control circumstances  in dire conditions.  His answer to all unmanageables  is one gigantica ( my new word) ; CAPITULATE.

The first time I ever had the occasion to hear that powerful word used is when I was about 11 years old and TV first came on the scene. I was watching professional wrestling match when Gorgeous  George put John Tolos in a headlock and Tolos had to CAPITULATE.

download (8)                      imageresize

Guess which one is Gorgeous  George.

Those were the Good Old Days that unfortunately the kids of today will never experience. We could go out and leave our doors and windows unlocked or sleep on the front porch without have to have a rocket launcher at our hip.

The USA, under this present administration has been in a headlock since Obama said I DO. It is time that we get someone in the Chair that has a decent sent of goolunies (there is only one that fits that bill) that will stand up and make American proud again instead of the door-mat for the world.

If The Trumpster does get the nod; the only things I would want him to change in that vivacious personality of his; tone it down and use some diplomacy, listen to his advisers and leave the ego in the boardroom.

Watch out Val and the rest of the dick-tators; you may have a pleasant surprise in November.

By the way; Trump does not drink; so getting him hammered on some of your country’s excellent Vodka is out of the question.


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