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CALL FOR ACTION: Dozens of US officials break with Obama, urge ‘military strikes’ against Syria’s Assad

Dozens of U.S. officials have called on the Obama administration to order “targeted military strikes” against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, with the aim of pressuring Damascus to accept a binding cease-fire and engage in peace talks. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that 51 State Department officials advising Syria policy signed the so-called “dissent channel cable”.

This is one situation I can give Mr. O a check mark for, so far.

To start with, the USA has it’s hands full dealing with many other irresponsible issues we had no business undertaking and doesn’t need to get involved in another no win situation.

Our plate is full and we can’t even eat what it on it, yet going back to the buffet table again and again for another helping. Some of the people that lead our government parades are gluttons for punishment.   I have a gift for them.

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This mad man/butcher Assad has been going at it since March 2011. In that time period there have been nearly 500,000 on both sides and over 300,000 of them were rebels trying to remove him from his tyrannical throne. He has gassed and slaughter 100’s of 1,000’s of his own countrymen.  One hell of a big hearted guy Huh???

What kind of father would do this to his own family and country???

images (4)      images

This guy is nothing short of a monster.  images (5).jpg

For the USA to get involved in yet another ill conceived situation, especially since Assad and the Judo guys are partners in crime, it would be insanity. We can’t handle what we have going on right now let alone take on another suicide mission.

There are 51 state department people behind this push to encourage Obama to get involved in the Syria mess.  I think the time has long passed that the USA’s governing bodies comes to the realization that we should let other countries resolve their own problems.  Many of the areas that we stuck our meddling noses into have been killing each-other in the name of their god for 1,000’s of years and it is never going to stop. They thrive on it.

How can you reason with any country that condones killing their own daughters for dating someone outside their faith? Some of their beliefs are so far out of touch with reality, it impossible to reason with them. This is the same mentality they used to rule their country. So what we have is; the Finest 51’s answer to the Syrian dilemma is to bomb them into submission.  Think again fellas.

Are these tragic circumstances in Syria and in other areas of the world? Absolutely yes. But we can not be the policemen for the entire world. We can see where our intrusive activities have gotten us and in reality have been very detrimental to the world.

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