What does it take …….

What does it take in the country to get arrested? 

The wife of the Orlando killer/monster apparently knew about the madman’s intentions for months of him taking out as many people as possible and she did nothing about it.

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The authorities interviewed her after the fact and than let her go. What does it take in this country to get arrested? 

The killers old man apparent is as radicalized as his son or even more and publically admits it. Their intent and actions were to conspire against the USA’s government to overthrow it. The authorities interviewed him and released him. What does it take in this country to get arrested? 

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If our country is going to survive this madness, we better start revising laws that will take the handcuffs off of the authorities and permits them to do their jobs effectively. It is a matter of life and death.

What does it take in this country to get arrested?  I’ll tell you what it takes. It will take someone in high places to be affected, themselves – their family – their friends  directly or indirectly in a mass killing in some manner, bombing or shooting  before they get off their dead ass and realize this is for real.

The time of urgency has long passed it’s critical mark, if the big wigs haven’t noticed. All of the lip service and diplomacy is going no where.


Just the suggestion of civil disorder is a punishable crime but for some unknown reason our PC-Pathetic government is sitting on their hands waiting for the bottom to drop out.

FOLKS; this is not a video game being played. It is for keeps. So once again, I ask; What does it take in this country to get arrested?????????????????????????????????????

These two examples I gave are only 2 of the 10’s of 1,000’s of examples where proactivity by the authorities could have prevented mass slaughters and mayhem.


What does it take in this country to get arrested?

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