Should Disney be liable???

Disney rep says company plans to ‘thoroughly review’ alligator signage after attack:

It would have been a good idea if they would have thought about  THOROUGHLY REVIEWING plans  for better safety measures before this precious 2 year old little kid got snatched up by the gator.


At the very least, all of the areas where there is a potential threat between the alligators and people should be fenced off for the protection of the public.

A 2 year old boy Lane Graves, who was on vacation with his parents, Matt and Melissa Graves, and his four-year-old sister when he was snatched by an alligator.

There are conflicting stores. One; the little boy was snatched right off of the shore next to a pond that is a known habitat for alligators. Second; he was wading in the water right off of the shoreline.  Either way, because this area is known to have an active alligator population there should have been some fencing or other method of keeping the public safe. What a tragedy.

Should Disney be held liable for their negligence? Absolutely yes.  It is Disney’s property – their park – they should be responsible for the safety of anyone on it.

Based on the conditions as to where the boy was, in the water or on shore, I am sure will a big factor in the decision of responsibility; depending if there were signs posted or not.

It can get real complicated. Is a 2 year old child expected to read warning signs if they were posted. Where were the parents when this happened. All of these questions will certainly come out before any settlement is reached.

I understand that Lane’s father chased the gator into the water, unsuccessfully and  tried to get his son out of the gator’s grasp. What a horrifying experience for the boy and his parents.

Not knowing all of the details, it is difficult hard to say what responsibility Disney has. I am sure the have the best ambulance chasers in the business.

If the Disney honcho’s are smart, they will not contest any legal actions against them too vigorously; that would be very bad for the bottom line.  I am sure it has some financial effect already.

There has been 23 fatalities since the 1940’s were alligators have killed their human victims.

Lane’s body was recovered from the water and was intact.


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