Show this guy the exit

Baptist pastor doubles down post-Orlando: They deserved to die

Baptist Pastor Roger Jimenez, a supposed man of the cloth, praised the killer that slaughtered 49 people in a gay  nightclub in Sacramento.

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In a statement yesterday, he was quoted saying;  he wished that the gunman would have finished what he started by killing all of the people in the club. This is a demented puppy.

I would expect vile comments like that to come from some hate organization instead of a preacher.

Let’s face it. Everyone is born different. We don’t have to like their decisions on how to lead their lives; as they don’t have the right to decide for us.  All we have to do is respect or accept them as human beings and in turn they should respect us in kind.

I don’t happen to like the gay lifestyle but as long as they keep to themselves and do not attempt to infringe on my rights, let them do their thing.

This is how crackpot organizations are born by hate groups or terrorists organizations attempting to force everyone in the world to look at the world through their twisted glasses.

I really don’t care what anyone else does with their lives, as long as they are law abiding – honest – respectful  – decent human beings.  I will respect them as long as they respect me. It is called; LIVE AND LET LIVE.  Not a very hard concept to understand.

That one, single, solitary word in the dictionary RESPECT can be the answer to world peace. But there are evil elements out there that do not respect others opinions or ways of life and want to dominate everyone by trying to jam their beliefs down others throats.

Does that sound familiar as to what the terrorists groups are attempting?

If this disgrace of a baptist pastor  didn’t buy his shingle out of a mail order catalog; the governing body of his religion should ban this guy from the pulpit for life. Spreading poison as he is doing is enough to set off someone else that doesn’t have all the boards in their attic.



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