There is more to it than what we see …..

I just listened to Mr. O’s  very angry speech about him being severely criticized for his refusal to use the term radical Islam.  It was apparent that he was very disturbed.

No once in this speech did he mention of victims of the worst slaughter of civilians in the USA’s history.

There has to be something very significant in the heart and soul of Mr. Obama by his refusal to say or use the term radical Islamic State. When push come to shove; it has to be Obama’s heritage that has a very strong bond on many of the decision he makes concerning the Muslim people/religion.

He sounded like his former secretary of state, the one that is running for the presidency; you know Wild Bill’s wife, when she yelled out; what difference does it make in reference to the other slaughter in Benghazi. Is this what we want in the Big Chair???

I guess when their back is against the wall, that is how they respond to difficult questions they refuse to answer.

Obama repeatedly asked; if we used the term radical Islam would that change the anything. Absolutely yes. It would put a label on our enemy.

Why do we put labels on a can of soup – so the consumer knows what is in the can. Why do we put danger labels on cancer sticks, so the dummies that smoke them know the danger of the contents. Labels are an important element of our ability to define whatever we use or come in contact with.

When the Mafia was in full swing; all Italian people were looked down on, spit on, killed treated worse than dogs and all considered part of the Mafia. We were labeled. What did we have to do to dispel that myth or hatred; work hard to prove to all people that all Italian people were not cut from the same cloth as the Mafia.

That is exactly what the the decent  Muslim  people have to demonstrate; their objections  to what their radical countrymen or religious groups are doing.  Stand up and be recognized.

Just one example of 1,000’s of incidents the Italian immigrants had to deal with.

There is no one in this country with the exception of some radical Americans  (we do have a our share) that say all of Muslims are radical. What we are saying is,  a small portion of the Muslim population are radicals. Can anyone argue that point? Even the Muslims admit to that.

What does Obama and the rest of the bleeding hearts think would be the position of any Muslim State if they had a large group of radical Americans coming into their country, blowing up anything in sight, conspire to overthrow their way of life and want to killing everyone the came across. Would they shut the doors to the Americans?????  Stupid question.

There has to be more scrutinization of EVERYONE from any country that enters the USA.

I said this quite sometime ago. We do not shut the doors on anyone.  We interview/vet each person on an individual basis, going all the way  back to when they first popped their heads into this cruel world; even if the process for one takes a week or a month.  If they pass the door is opened. If FOR ANY REASON they fail or information about their past can not be obtained; they are automatically rejected.  It is that simple. Will it be a slow and arduous process. Yes but a safe one.

Obama said that he has always had a plan for different situations as they came up but didn’t see the necessity to label them. One question. Is his plan working with or without a label????? Watch the news and then answer that question.



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