It is either them or us – time to decide

Every time a terrorist attack erupts in the USA as it did in Florida over the weekend, I think it increases Trump’s chances of getting elected.

The people with any G-2 in this country have to understand that these attacks are something that is not just a passing fancy with terrorists and psychotic people. Each tragic event is fuel for their fire.

With a person like Trump in the driver’s seat, he is going to enact new laws and revise antiquated  laws that better deal with these situations as we had in Orlando before they have a chance to get off the ground.  It is time to take the gloves off with these people. Desperate times call for more decisive actions.  If anyone thinks were are not in desperate times, they are sadly mistaken.

When conditions change in combat, the combat strategy has to change with it.  The enemy knows that they have the advantage because we have rules we play by and they don’t. They definitely have the advantage. That mindset has to change.

According to reports; the FBI had the Orlando terrorist/killer in their sights for a couple of years. They even interviewed him a couple of times when  some of his co-workers claimed he was speaking irrational about terrorists connections,activities and possible attacks. The FBI concluded that the time, there was not enough to hold this degenerate killer and released him each time.

The FBI has been saying for years; if anyone see someone or hears something suspicious, they should report it immediately.  That is exactly what happen in this case and but the suspect was dismissed.

If it can be proven that anyone is making disparaging or anti-American statement – if they appear to the authorities to be a threat to this country – if they are acting in a detrimental manner against the USA , that in itself should be reason enough to hold them indefinitely or deport them  out of the country.  Keep those Gitmo doors open.

What good does it do to report suspicious people if the authorities hands are tied as to what they are allowed by our PC laws.  PC-ness and authorities trying to swim with their hands tied is not the solution.

Bill’s wife has the same mentality as the Obama administration as how to deal with these situations. From where I sit and observe, their methodology is not working.

We (the American people) can not wait until this terrorists situations is totally out of control (it is going in that direction) before someone in the Big Chair decides it is time to change the game plan and fight their fight instead of our PC-pathetic methods.

The Gitmo fiasco is just a small example of how these PC-pathetic people’s minds function. Who in their right mind, knowing that if they release prisoners from a prison, send them back to their country of origin and  have positive information that these people are continuing their terrorists activities from where they left off but continue to release more prisoner is moronic, no one I know personally.

Wall Street Journal 

The Obama administration in recent days has proclaimed a “milestone” in its efforts to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after achieving its long-held goal of reducing the remaining population to fewer than 100 detainees. With the expedited release this month of 14 detainees, the total now stands at 93.

93 prisoner released so they can return to the battlefields and continue where they left off. Their benefactor is not smarter than a 5th grader.

Or as bad or worse in the long run. Released funds to Iran to the tune of 150 bbbillion dollars, knowing positively that a good part of that money will go into trying to wipeout the USA.  We have to wonder what side are they on????? Think about this objectively;  that has to be the only conclusion you can come to.

Folks; this is goddamn insanity. I don’t make this shit up or anything else I write about. I can substantiate everything I post.  If unexplainable/ridiculous moves like this do not tell a sad tale about this administration; I don’t know what does. There are 100’s of such incidents such as these that were made totally irrational.

Survival of the fittest; physically – mentally – aggressively – ruthlessness – cunning and the first to strike  is what it is going to be the deciding factors in our war against the terrorists.

If the bleeding hearts that are running our government are so eager to play by the rules, the USA is going to wind up on the outside looking in. This is very serious business.

If the FBI would have had the authority to arrest this Orlando killer and keep him locked up indefinitely at the time, this most tragic incident  would have never happened.

Are we more concerned with their rights of some terrorists or whack jobs than the security and safety of this country? If so, we are writing our own obituaries.

Let’s put someone in office that is a no non-sense player and is not afraid of stepping on a few PC-sensitive toes to get the job done. You will thank them in the long run.

If anyone has a weak stomach and can’t stand the reality of the situations we are in and what it is going to take to turn it around; go buy an island somewhere and you can set up your own PC kingdom.

This is not brutality I am talking about, just common-sense and a matter of survival.



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    FBI = Librarians with badges. Not the famous G-Men of J. Edgar Hoover.

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