How smart is the guy???

As we move through this very perplexing run for the Big Chair; one would have thought by now, if Trump was a savvy person he would have toned some of his inflammatory rhetoric down before the shit hit the fan with him playing the dozens with a judge of Mexican decent by insulting him.

Old saying: We always have to put our best foot forward. If this is the best he has; Houston, he has a problem.

For the readers that follow the Goomba Gazette you all know that I know almost every old saying that ever came down the pike. In this instance, the one that is most apropos; the guy had the world by the ass and isn’t smart enough to know it. How can he continue with the unpredictable behavior at this juncture in the primaries ? It can only be an indicator of one of two things.

1st he really was never interested in becoming president and this was one gigantic publicity stunt or # 2 he is too arrogant and narcissistic he does want to see the damage he has done and is doing to himself.   

I said from the very beginning of this circus performance; if Trump was genuinely interested in make the grade, he would have to develop a little more diplomacy than he has.

Is it a very strong attribute to be-able to stand your ground and not be manipulated or slapped around? Absolutely yes. BUT, a smart person has to know when to hold and know when to fold; when to come out firing with all they have and when to approach a situation delicately.  He is not in the BOARD ROOM and firing everyone that doesn’t meet his standards.

Time to polish up Donny before it is too late.  This wolfing on the judge may have been his Waterloo.

I will continue to stand by my opinion that he is the best of the worst and has all the qualifications to bring this country back to greatness if he would, in plain English, GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER.

Repeat: if anyone is satisfied with the current condition of this country because of the ultra-liberal mentality of this administration and wants to continue down this dirty road of lies, deception, clandestine operations, lack of transparency, then vote democrat. If not, we will have one more choice.

I heard way back when that Obama was 10 times as liberal as Teddy Boy Kennedy. Now the word is that Wild Bill’s wife is 10 more liberal than Obama. Heaven help us  if she get the majority of X’s.



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