The Blood oath came to fruition

‘I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified,’ President says

It was back in 2007 – 2008 that a little known man named Barack Obama was swept into the political spotlight by some very shrewd – powerful people that saw an opening to pull a fast one on the American public and slide a ringer into the White House.

The USA was in dire straights with the administration then in power; president Dick Cheney and his VP GWB. Between the two of them, mainly D. C., he Svengalied (new word) GWB into a quagmire of illegal invasions of countries and a myriad  of other senseless actions that the entire world is paying for yet today and will be for years to come. That is a entirely different story of itself.

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When these very shrewd power-brokers picked this guy named Obama, he had virtually no experience to qualify him to run for president. But because he was black – very articulate when reading from a teleprompter – convincing – made a good appearance and was speaking to a country desperate for change.  Through some very slick maneuvering, this dark horse eventually  got the nod and became president.

Moving back in time slightly. In order to pull this caper off,  Obama needed  one person to support him if he had any chance of getting the majority of X’s. This person  was none other than Wild Bill Clinton.  But there were a couple of hang ups. First Obama was running against Wild Bill’s wife and second, the men had no use for one another; a fact that I think still exists today.

Here is where the blood oath came into play. Blood_Oath

Wild Bill promised and the new guy that he would support him in the 2008 election if Obama would do the same for his wife in 2016. How fast time passes.

Fast forward to 6-09-16. Now the Clinton Machine called in it’s chips and it seems that Mr. O is keeping his word by supporting and endorsing her.

The story has many more twists and turns but I condensed it for simplicity.

Today in a very BROAD statement; Obama said he doesn’t think that there has ever been anyone as qualified as Bill’s wife to sit in the big chair.  How about 300 Our Fathers and 600 Hail Mary’s.  What is the old saying? If boulderdash (trying to be respectful)  was electricity we could power up the entire USA for 20 years.

I saw an interesting episode on the Alfred Hitchcock TV program years back.  Some degenerate gambler sold his soul to the devil if he could have an advanced edition of the newspaper for one week. This guy was an addicted gambler and wanted to make a fortune on the ponies.

The arrangement was going gangbusters for the guy and he was making tons of soldi; UNTIL. On the last day that of the bargain with the devil, the guy couldn’t wait to open the paper and see which horses he was going to bet on that day.

Low and behold, when the horse betting junkie was browsing through the paper he saw his own name in the obituaries; he got so shook-up he died of a heart attack.  His blood oath backfired on him and caused his demise.

I don’t wish anyone bad luck but from time to time these arrangements do not turn out as they were intended.


The only thing that is holding back The Trumpster in winning this election is the Trumpster. He still has not learned how to be more tactful with his remarks.  Not a wise choice. He can still get his messages across by doing it with some finesse.

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