What rims with oar????? …..

New York woman says she pulled plug in fiance’s kayak

Police in New York State claim that  a woman Angelika Graswald admitted to them that  she removed a plug on her fiance  Vincent Viafore’s kayak and manipulated his paddle kayak while they were boating on the Hudson River causing his death when his kayak tipped over.


It is not clear why the pissed off princess removed the plug and deep six’ed her intended. Ever since her last statement her mouth has been tight as a clam shell.

Naturally, her ambulance chaser claims it is all an accident. He said that Vinnie had too many beers, tipped over and sung like a giant stone.


Why is it that they all look so different wearing orange jumpsuits??

The moral of this story fellas; before you date some potentially wacked out broad and go kayaking with her, make sure she has both of her oars in the water and she left her plug puller at home.  Can’t be too careful these days.



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One Response to What rims with oar????? …..

  1. jimallega says:

    “rims” or RIMES

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