3rd time a charm? San Francisco to try yet again to give illegal immigrants voting rights:

Folks; this one has to be  the ultimate corker. I understand that The Judo Guy is going to allow all of Americans the privilege of voting in all of Russia’s future elections.

images (3)

That would be as ridiculous as the imbeciles By The Bay wanting to make it possible for illegal immigrants to vote in their state.  What kind of weed are these fools smoking anyway.  Must be some prime junk!!!!

I can not think of a more appropriate handle to put on those brain surgeons than what The Gumpster said in that there  movie.  STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

Sometime I sit back in amazement when I read preposterous news articles like this and consider the probability that many of our politicians in our country are out to overthrow the USA’s government by the irresponsible decisions they make.

There can be only 1 of 2 reasons that anyone would be so negligent. # 1 they are the epitome of stupidity and should not be allowed to serve in public office or # 2; they are out to destroy our government that took 250 years  develop into a powerhouse on this planet. In a very short amount of time, some of these whacked jobs are destroying the country like a wrecking crew on an abandoned housing development.

images (2)

What the hell do these decision makers have in between their ears?  It sure is not common sense or any G-2 ( military term for intelligence).

There is one fact of life that many people never consider when they are giving away the store. Once a concession or legal issue  is given, it is NEVER returned to it’s position of origin.  We can see the value of that in many of the decisions our politicians so foolishly  make.

It is no secret that a good percentage of the people in San Fran have a few loose boards in their attic. This move  truly substantiates that.

They should rename the USA – the Give Away Society.  Come in and take what you want all of you illegals; we are masochists and love to be beat up. Can’t you tell????




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