Saying can be as bad as doing

In this day and age of irresponsible news agencies spreading their trash reporting; we never know if what is printed  is accurate or not. The reason I was questioned the validity of this article is because it is so inflammatory.  But as I researched this I found the allegations to be true.

This article is about a speech that Farrakhan made back in 2015. It is one of the most despicable and insightful attacks anyone can take against other humanbeings.

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Than up jumps a  man calling himself The Doctor of Common Sense that tells the facts as they really are. We need more people like the Doctor that has the backbone to address issues in truth and place the blame where it belongs.


His statement leads me to wonder if he intends to be on the front lines or is going to hide at a safe distance?

There are laws out there that prohibit spreading such potentially destructive propaganda that will possibly insight lawlessness; punishable by  time in prison.

Farrakhan is no stranger to this kind of activity. He has been stoking the fire of racism for years. It has been proven that killing and destruction is not the answer to any issue. The ONLY answer is EDUCATION on all sides to come up with a peaceful solution.

I can bet that his fiery, insightful speeches have trigger many actions that otherwise would have not taken place.

There is an handful of agitators in the black community that make a good living trying to keep their people pissed off. It is refreshing to see that there also are some people like Doctor of Commonsense that can see through their smoke screen  of hatred.

Did the black people have unjust severe issues that happened in the past? Absolutely yes but that was yesterday and tomorrow is another day.  It is very counterproductive living n the past.

Everyone in this world has to accept responsibility for their own actions regardless what they are.

EDUCATION is the only answer, not violence.

You may ask what promotes men like this. The answer is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  I wonder when the last time Louie punched a clock?



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