Check for the goolunies

Transgender boy competes in girls high school championship races

As far as I know even in the Olympics they still insist on a bird’s eye view of the toll department before allow the contestants participate.  That does seem to be the case in the Land of Polar Bears.

Nattaphone “Ice” Wangyot, a senior at Haines High School was born with a set of goolunies but somewhere down the line felt that he was in the wrong body.

Recently he/she competed against girls from across Alaska at the state track and field meet, taking home two medals and generating controversy over transgender athletes participating in sports.

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To me that is an insult and a disservice to the girls that have worked their butts off trying to make the team or excel in their sport. But because of some idiotic mentality this whole country has been force fed by our government, anyone at anytime can claim to be someone  or something they are not and cross sexual boundaries like someone changing a pair of sox.

I truly feel sorry for anyone that is medically or genetically discombobulated but it is the pretenders that really disturb me.

It is a well known fact that there are an overwhelming amount of the curious or play actors that cross the lines just to experience what it is like.





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