Forked tongue forked over

Trump sent checks to veterans’ groups on day of critical Washington Post story

I must have shook Trump’s ass up when he read the post I did on 5-23-16.

Either to save face or keep his word; questionable,  Trump and associates came across with most of the 6 million he promised the vets.  Giving up 6 mill to The Donald is like me dropping .25 cents out of my pocket on my way to the pay toilet. Didn’t mean shit.

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This is another issue I hope he flushes down the crapper when he gets the nod.

There is no way 99.99% of our straight citizens should have to accommodate .01% or less of the population because they, for medical or mental issues can’t figure out who or what they are.

Let us take it one step further. If some guy is a transgender dude and has not gone the entire route  yet by getting his Jones removed; should all the female Relief Rooms (remember they are not bathrooms) in this country be compelled to install urinals so he can stand up and piss??

Food for thought. I hope Mr. O isn’t reading this post. I might be giving him a new project to mess up before he makes his exit.



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One Response to Forked tongue forked over

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Trump must have thought you were a Face Talking jug with a Smokey Bear.

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