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It’s about time

(CNN) According to Obama in a statement he made at the G-7 summit; many of the foreign leaders are rattled by Donald Trump. “They’re rattled by him and for good reason,” Obama said. “Because a lot of the proposals that … Continue reading

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Land of the free ……

Land of the free and the home of the brave takes on an entire new meaning when we see unnecessary situations like this. Two issues here. It is legal to demonstrate and it is the responsibility of the cops … Continue reading

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NBA officials don’t have any balls

The NBA’s decides to not suspend Draymond Green for THE groin kick The way I see it; that is a lot of . What the hell does one of those nasty ball player have to do in the NBA to get … Continue reading

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Foolish remark or stupidity????

Fox News VA secretary facing bipartisan firestorm over Disney comments I would expect a comment like the secretary of veterans affairs  Robert McDonald  made to come out of some idiot’s mouth that never served in the military. That is not … Continue reading

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Man speaks with forked tongue

If this information is accurate, being that is coming from the other side; I would agree that Trump does not look good under the circumstances. In my opinion; because there has been so much conversation about this commitment from … Continue reading

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Let Green make the call – his nuts or sit out the duration

If this was not a deliberate kick to the nuts by Draymond Green’s trying to destroy Steven Adams manhood; I don’t know what was. In the video Green is putting on an academy award performance acting like he is surprised … Continue reading

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Needs his ass spanked the old fashion way

Fox News Kanye West ripped by ex-bodyguard Kanye West ripped by ex-bodyguard There is only one explanation that describes this boisterous brat. He is a spoiled rotten narcissistic/egomaniac that has most of the Golden People in La La Land kissing … Continue reading

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