Houston; we have a problem

Shooting at Houston auto shop leaves 2 dead, including gunman, 6 wounded


The Old Wild  West is regressing back to the Old Wild West with all of the shootings that are taking place out yonder in the land of the tumbling tumbleweed.


Some wacked out gunman, for no apparent reason,  walked into an auto detailing shop in Houston Sunday morning and began opening fire and killing people. Maybe he didn’t like the way they buffed out his ride.

A quick call to 911 put the neighborhood into lockdown until the SWAT team had the area contained.

The unidentified gunman was shot and killed by one of their sharp-shooters, saving the court and prison systems 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars.  It has always been my contention; what do we do with dogs that are MAD; send them in the bone yard. Well!!!

Eight people in all were injured, including two deputy sheriff that were later released from a local hospital.

In 2015 Houston’s robbery rate was 233 per 100,000, is nearly double that of other cities in Texas. Its murder rate is 5.9 per 100,000.  I wonder what happened to that .10 % of the 5.9? Those are some serious numbers for those Cowpokes. Out of every 100,000 people 6 of them are murdered.  That is no way to control the population growth.

There certainly is nothing like strapping on your 6 shooter or these days grabbing your AK-47 when you go out to buy a gallon of milk and hopefully you are faster at the draw than the bad guys.

One man’s misfortune is another man’s fortune. I hear that the ER business is booming in Houston. There is one facility that is so busy it has their patients take numbers when they are wheeled in; like in an Italian import store.

download (2)

The gun toting matter is probably one of the most contested issue in the USA and will be for a long time to come.

Just imagine if you can; what it would be like in the good old USA if only the criminals were the only ones that were packing.  We might as well tack on another 25 – 40% more to the crime rate. The law-abiding citizens that carry are the reason the crime rate is as low as it is; believe it or not.

So to the great City of Houston; I do acknowledge, Houston you do have a problem.


Like many other situations that plague this country, I don’t have the answer to  the gun matter except taking the firearms away from the criminals and the crazies. The packing law-abiding citizens are what is helping to keep the country safe or should I say safer than it would be without.

Happy Memorial Day to all the military people that are serving and those that have served. If it were not for you, this country would be in a lot worse shape than it is.

We now have an administration that is chopping our military strength back to the bare bones. Hopefully, the next person to sit in the Big Chair will have a lot more wisdom and understanding of the meaning military might.

To all of the flag burners; I’d like to spray a little lighter fluid on your ass and light a match. If you have such a disdain for the USA get your cowardly asses out. Buy a one way ticket to NK and shack up with The Kid Dick-tator for awhile. Let’s see if he would put up with your anti-government antics.

download (4)  American-flag-burning

The only words I fell that are appropriate for these cowards when I see them burning the flag or disrespecting  is to  calling them despicable son of a bitches.  

I would love to see one of these anti-American cowards try to burn a flag at Camp Lejeune. When the Jar Heads would finish with them they would look like someone made a 20 mile forced march on their heads.

The major problem with these cowards they do not realize just how good they have it in this country. The same government that they disrespect so vigorously is the one that is responsible for fostering their anti-American bad behavior. I don’t see any lines at the travel agents buying a one way ticket to Iran.

There are laws that prohibit flag burning or desecration of the flag and punishable by prison time but it appears that the authorities have slacked off on enforcing it. Whatever happened to patriotism in this country?

18 U.S. Code § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties


A Big Semper Fi to you all of the patriotic Americans.


shooting from the hip

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