The life you save my be your own

These are two very interesting articles about the what’s and what-nots to do for a longer happy – healthy life.

We are all or at least should be captains of our own ships. We have the ability to  steer our course in any direction we want. At the end of our journey, in most cases, we have set our own course.  There are conditions and circumstances that are beyond our control but for the most part,  we all began our trip in life as healthy people; UNTIL. 

It is up to each of us to make sure we have a pleasant – healthy journey.

So many people go off course in their lives because of many reasons but the one that I have noticed is the most prominent,  most people are too LAZY do what is right for themselves. They do not to or will not devote at least 20 minutes a day to exercise. 20 minutes out a a day is nothing.  We spend more time than that going back and forth to the refrigerator.

It is not necessary to go to the gym or a workout out facility. Walking in place at a good rate of speed is a very beneficial exercise.  We don’t need exercise machines to workout. Push ups – sit ups – jumping jacks – jumping rope or any other exercise that gets the heart rate beating at a good pace for at least 20 minutes is the answer. Not being able to afford a membership to a health club is not an excuse.

When you do start, depending on what condition you are presently in; start out slow and gradually build yourself up.  It probably took you years to look and feel as bad as you do and it will take months to make any noticeable difference. The keywords are discipline to continue and consistency.  Don’t give up.

We come up with any excuse we want not to exercise. By not eating right and drink within reason the facts are; we are only fooling ourselves if we ignore and overdo these  excessive life threatening bad habits. 

It should go without saying that drugs ar are absolutely TABOO.

The other achilles heal, many people suffer from, they  are WEAKLINGS. They have developed bad habits like smoking – drinking  too much and overeating that have consumed them and they can not break away.  They have no self-control. Some beat the system by living a long life in misery but most don’t.

It doesn’t take too much to overcome these bad habits. It is a matter of not HOW LONG we live but how WELL we live.

Once a person goes beyond the point of no return, the rest of their lives are spent in very miserable conditions.

There is a TV program called My 600 Pound Life that is absolutely heart breaking.  For many of these people, they have signed their own death warrant.–z1f_MAhWGQSYKHe1IBN0Q_AUICCgC

These are definitely extreme cases but at one time in their life, they were normal people  that let life get away from them.

The life we save may be our own. If you care about yourself, start today steering your ship in the right direction. If you don’t care; I am sure there is a Mickey D’s or a Burger King close by.

If a person does not take care of themselves, how can they take care of anyone else? Be a role model to your kids. You will be a lot healthier and happier.


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