Grabbing at straws as she goes under

Clinton on email use: ‘I thought it was allowed’

Sounds like a little kid that came home late and said he didn’t know what time it was.

The Clinton Machine has been beating the system for years; to the extent, they think they are in the same league as The Teflon Don.

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But as well all know; all good things must come to an end. Hopefully The C M has their day in court.

The women is not even a good liar. After months of secrecy – clandestine operations – denial – down right lying – defying the law – cover ups, this lady is claiming she thought she was allowed to use her private email while serving as Secretary of State.

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Why then was she so ambitiously trying to hide the facts that she did use her own email server and put the clamps on the lips of all of her flunkies that had any connection with helping her break the law by insisting they not testify??? IF – IF – IF she thought she was allowed; what was there to hide?

You know what my beast of a critter has to say about this mi

Why then did her guy Paglino take the 5th so many times?? I am sure it was under her directions.

Not only is Bill’s wife a liar; she is a bad one.  She came up with a new term overnight trying to put up yet another smoke screen; model of clarity;  meaning it was not clear to her just what the rules were.

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In one breath she is claiming she thought it was allowed; in another breath she gives a half baked apology.

Stretching her tall tales even further she says; They was not a model of clarity and it seems like there is still more work to do on that. As her boss if he knew what the rules were.  What is the old rule of thumb. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Even IFFFFFFFF the rules were not clear to her; that is not a valid excuse.
This is a person that wants to sit in the Big Chair but doesn’t understand a simple rule that personal emails are not permitted in the upper echelons of the government.  What exactly will she do with more important issues?
Possibly she will have to have a 1st year female intern follow her around making sure she understands the rules. Hopefully she will keep the kid away from Wild Bill.
Bill’s wife now admits that she had made an error in using a private email server, saying, It was still a mistake. If I could go back, I’d do it differently.  That seems to be the Clinton anthem.
You know what my beast of a critter has to say about this  mi
The only reason she is addressing this issue now is; the FBI said if Obama doesn’t let the justice system do it’s thing; they are going to bring all of the information they have public. It is about time!!!
The squeeze is on Baby. Better get a new writer; the lies are getting staled.

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