Endangering their lives for education

15 Chinese children make deadly climb to school

These Chinese kids are purest examples of what education means to them and their cultures, unlike the USA and a few other countries.  The kids  are starving for education while some of the knuckle-heads we have in the USA need to have someone with a whip and a chair forcing them to learn their ABC’s.

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It is a proven fact; some of the people we have graduating from college in the USA can’t read or write at a 5th grade level.  As long as the can dribble a ball or catch a pass, that is all the matters.

Other kids are so bad in class that the teachers pass them with a D- just so they don’t have to deal with them for another year.


The kids in China don’t have an air conditioned bus pick them up or have their Mommy or Daddy drop them off at the front door of the school.  These kids literally climb a mountain 2,600 feet every couple days just to get an education.

There are fifteen kids between ages 6 and 15, that scale a cliff about 2,625 feet high multiple times a month between their home and a school in Atuler village. The trip takes about 90-minutes, all for the education they receive.  Totally amazing.


This is what I would consider going above and beyond the norm to get an education. If I had to guess; I would say what they are doing is not mandatory.

The Atlantic

Chronic Absences Hinder Young Learners

On the opposite side of the spectrum; Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the USA”s K-12 population—5 million to 7.5 million students each year—are not attending school on a regular basis.  Life is  like a big basket; we can only get out of the basket what we put into it.

Bravo to the Chinese kids. I hope all the effort they put into getting to school pays off for them. They should serve as an example for other kids in this world that have it made but take everything they have for granted.


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