Loser – user and abuser

Johnny Manziel Tells TMZ His Friends, Family Are ‘With’ Him

Manziel  is the poster boy of being a juvenile delinquent in a grown man’s body. He is a spoiled brat that needs a good ass whipping to clear  those cobwebs in his messed up helmet holder. Pampering him the way many people have been is not the solution.


In the last few months he has acted so immature – huligan-ish  and like a spoiled brat; now that his pampered ass is in hot water, he is looking for support from his friends and family. I wonder if that includes one of his main men, the other brat, Justin Beaver?

If he is fool enough, he may just call The Facebook kid to bail him out like North – South – East -West did. In Italian we have a term for people like them; senza faccia or without face/no shame.



There are people in the world that would cut off one of their goolunies to have achieved the financial and popularity status  in life that Manziel has but he is too ignorant to appreciate it. This kids had the world by the foot-balls but was too stupid to know it.

I say throw the kid under the bus and let him swing for his indiscretions. Possibly a little time in the tank will open his eyes. But as we all know that will never happen because he comes from a affluenze family.

His father Paul has expressed his concern over the brats antics; saying he doesn’t think his kid will live to see his next birthday if he doesn’t straighten out.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news to his  old man; he is one of the reasons the kid is the way he is.

Bend the tree when it is young FOLKS.  When it get too big, many times there is no chance of straightening it out!!



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