Land of the free ……

Land of the free and the home of the brave takes on an entire new meaning when we see unnecessary situations like this.

Two issues here. It is legal to demonstrate and it is the responsibility of the cops to keep order.  Yes in both cases.

Do the cops at times get overly zealous in keeping the peace? Do the demonstrators exceed their boundaries in what is suppose to be peaceful demonstrations and abiding by the law.  Yes in both cases.  But it hardly ever goes off like that and gets out of control. Two wrongs don’t make one right!!

I do believe that there are some people that legitimately want to peacefully demonstrate to voice/express their opinion. On the other hand; there absolutely are a  good percentage of people (I will label them antagonistic idiots) that go to these demonstrations for one reason only; to cause problems.

These kids are deliberately taunting the cops to piss them off hoping they get hit in the head with a night-stick or get thrown to the ground. The ambulance chasers are out there with cameras building case against the cops.

We can be sure of one thing;  before the votes are counted there is going to be a hell of a lot more demonstrations and a lot worse than this one. It seems that we are living in a world of extremes in all directions.


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