NBA officials don’t have any balls

The NBA’s decides to not suspend Draymond Green for THE groin kick

The way I see it; that is a lot of download (4).

What the hell does one of those nasty ball player have to do in the NBA to get suspended; bring a baseball bat on the floor and clean house.

This absolutely is a stellar example of;  Money walks and bullshit talks.  If Green was just an average player, they would have suspend him without hesitation.

Not suspending Green for that deliberate kick in the nuts is just giving all the rest of the BALL CHASERS in the NBA (Nasty Ball Attackers)  a GREEN light to follow suit.

Fining one of them knuckle-heads millionaires 25 G’s is like Trump dropping a quarter out of his pocket.

See yesterday’s post

download (6)

I stand by my solution to resolve the issue.

That kick to Steven Adams nuts could prevent him from producing  offspring in the future.

I bet Adams wife was thoroughly pissed off.  Probably put her big guy out of commission for a few days.

I think she has a legitimate legal issue here.  Let’s wait to see if  her and the hubby have the balls to sue Green?????




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