Man speaks with forked tongue

'OK, NOW white man speak with forked tongue!'

‘OK, NOW white man speak with forked tongue!’

If this information is accurate, being that is coming from the other side; I would agree that Trump does not look good under the circumstances.

In my opinion; because there has been so much conversation about this commitment from The Donald to give the vets 6 million dollars, he should kick  in the rest and donate it out of his pocket to keep his credibility intact.

First of all, credibility at this point is of the utmost importance and secondly; anyone worth 10 BBBBillion, 6 mill is like the little kid pissing in the ocean. It isn’t even noticeable; he will never miss it.


Pay up Donny. It is not like you can’t afford it. A man is only as good as his word!!!! It is the vets were are talking about.


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One Response to Man speaks with forked tongue

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Some people get upset with news that is other than stellar, concerning Trump, but it does not upset me, and at times it is best to know what is taking place so there are no poop slingers.
    Considering that Trump cited veteran charities, yes, I, as many other veterans, have a dog in this fight, and agree with the Goomba, that Trump should pony-up the moolah for the veteran charities. In fact, Trump, probably could match dollar-for-dollar, and get a real nice tax write-off for his corporate or personal taxes. Win/Win. But we haven’t all day, Trump, so pick up the phone and have your credit card ready. Our operators are standing by.

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