Let Green make the call – his nuts or sit out the duration

If this was not a deliberate kick to the nuts by Draymond Green’s trying to destroy Steven Adams manhood; I don’t know what was.

In the video Green is putting on an academy award performance acting like he is surprised a foul is being called on him. The nut crushing incident happened during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 133-105 Game 3 win over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday night.

To what extent should the soccer star be punished. I think it would be appropriate for Green to be tied spread eagle between two post by his wrists and ankles, with his size 21’s spread apart and have everyone on the opposing team take target practice on the dudes nuts. Or he should be suspended for the duration. Let him be the one to make the choice.

download (6)

After all; not everything is fair in love & war or basketballs.

If that boot to the nuts was not deliberate; I am not the Commander and Chief – sole poster – blogger – editor and chief honcho of the Goomba Gazette.


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