Gotta be kidding me – Penis lipstick??????????????

Huffington Post

People Are Going Nuts Over Disturbingly Realistic Penis Lipsticks

Even at my age and have been around the block a few times; I am still  amazed by the scumbags in this world that would sell their mother for a nickle and give back four cents change. This one ranks at the very top of the list.

When gathering my posting material I stay with the main/reputable news media’s – Fox – CNN – ABC – CBS – Huffington Post – USA Today.  There is so much trash out there I make every attempt to use only accurate material.

This one I got from the Huffington Post. 

Judging by those Amazon reviews, the penis lipsticks — made by a company called Mushroom — are actually pretty good quality. The one complaint people seem to have is that they sometimes get squished in transit. And nobody wants a smashed penis.


I can just imagine that many people out there will not find this offensive. This is just what some PC pathetic parents are going to get their teenage daughters the next time they are online shopping for a little something for their princess.

images       download

I am anything but a prude but I happen to be brought up in a time and place when anything that even suggested this or resembled this would have been taboo.

The mortality in the country has sunk to the lowest level I have ever seen and it is getting worse everyday. Between some of the sluts and bums celebs out there – the permissiveness at such young ages – the dysfunctional families – people in very responsible positions setting poor examples by their bad behavior (priests, teachers, scout leaders, politicians, etc.) – lack of good role models; the kids today do not stand a chance.  They are growing up in such a twisted society assuming by their innocents this is the way conditions are supposed to be.

What in the name of decency would any company like Mushroom come with such a demented idea to make a penis lipstick. Only answer is $$$$$$$$$.  If this trash was sold exclusively in an adult porn store it would be one thing but it looks to me like they are selling it like someone would sell a bottle of perfume.

I really don’t believe in government control but in situations like this, I feel that trash like this should immediately be pulled off the shelf or restricted to where it can be advertised or sold.

A few years back I was in a convenient store. The idiot that owned the place was selling toy hypodermic needles with candy in them. I was shocked. I told this imbecile exactly what I thought of his before I left without buying anything.

I don’t care if a person is a ultra-liberal – conservative or whatever their persuasion is; if they are not offended by this garbage there is something wrong with them!!!!!

images (1)  on them!!!!

The kids of today are the future of our country and from where I am sitting they are certainly getting the wrong messages.



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  1. Rifleman III says:

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    I wonder if that is why I always scored, while wearing my Pickle Suit? The ladies, loved it.

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