Cherilyn Sarkisian @ 70

Cher’s Show-Stopping Style Redefines What It Means To Be 70


Come on guys; I always like to give the devil their due but are we foolish enough to believe that Cherilyn Sarkisian (AKA) Cher doesn’t have a lot of help from her plastico guy?

I agree; if someone does have the ging a ling to get a going over once and awhile, by all means do it. On the other side of the coin; I think, especially for the average ladies (hard to tell the player these days without a scorecard) it tends to give them an inferior feeling that at the same age, they can’t look that good.

Celebs and some of the extremists are so obsessed, they pay a big price in more ways than one to maintain their image.

Recently  Janice Dickinson has been diagnosed with breast cancer and said she is sorry for getting breast implants.

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There are 1,000’s of horror stories of people, not just celebs that have had very  negative side effects as a result of getting sliced and diced just to look good.

Let’s face it. We are all getting older and the only alternative is; NOT getting older.

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No one since the beginning of time has yet bet the inevitable.

Many impetious people spend billions of dollars seeking eternal life but so far they all have come up short.

Some foolish/desperate people out there believe in a process called cryogenics.  If they have an illness that is incurable, they pay to have their body frozen in chambers (let’s say they are put on ice) until science comes up with a cure for their particular disease. If and when that time ever does come about,  they believe that they can be thawed out, administered the new process and put back into circulation. Hogwash!!

They would be better of buying some of that swampland I have left.


Fortunately, there is a law that prevents this process being applied before a person is pronounced dead.  Lots of anxious relatives out there.

They are placed in tubes for whole body recovery or their other body parts are placed in cylinders where the temperature is a constant 150 degrees below zero.

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Some gullible people have their heads surgically removed (called neurosuspension) and have it frozen unit ……

As we would expect it can be a very costly operation to have these procedures done.


Some Background

A guy named Steve Bridge and I wrote “The High Cost of Cryonics” in 1981, the recommended minimum for cryonic suspension with Alcor was $60,000 for whole body and $25,000 for neurosuspension. The rates were raised to $100,000 for whole body and $35,000 for neurosuspension in 1982, where they have remained until now [1990].

At that time, we budgeted about $20,000 for preparation of the patient, $80,000 for long-term whole-body care, and $15,000 for long-term neuro care. In practice we often did considerably better than this, since we charged no Or very little labor to each case and basically billed supplies at cost, with virtually no mark-up to cover administration, stocking, spoilage, and Other associated costs of doing business. Thus, the typical charge for performing a neurosuspension (i.e., up-front costs, including perfusion and cooling to liquid nitrogen temperature) was in the $6,000 to $7,000 range, while for whole body patients it was in the $10,000 to $12,000 range; well within budget.

The best part of this elusive tale of everlasting life; I didn’t find any information that this process works.

I agree with a little nip and tuck here and there but I do not agree with the extremists.

Sad to say because of peer pressure and media generated trends, there are young ladies out there that are getting boob jobs and other procedures when they a still teenaggers.  Come on parents. Let the kids grow naturally.  I guess when the parents are wack jobs, the kid doesn’t have much of a chance.

Boob jobs – cheek jobs – butt jobs –  chin jobs –  eye jobs – nose jobs – complete overhauls. Will the REAL Jane Smith stand up.  When some of these foolish people smile, their eyebrows go up and down.

It is not only the vain ladies that are going under the knife; some dudes are equally as consumed with theselves.

So congratulations to all the people like Cherilyn Sarkisian that can afford to spend million to look good. But we really know how old they are.

I have a little secret for all of the  everlasting aficionados. They may look good on the outside but on the inside their bodies are rotting away just like all of the other poor slobs on the planet.

When a person can accept their position in life without being obsessed with their appearance, they have  reached a milestone.

As far as I am concerned, I try to follow Popeye’s slogan.

After all; if spinach was the answer to Popeye’s longevity and appearance; I am running to the grocery store and stocking up. This guy has look the same for since 1929. The sailor is 87 years old. His broad and Bluto look pretty good too.

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