Sad to say but very close to the truth


Technology is the greatest thing in the world if it isn’t taken to extremes as our; everloving – have to have – addictive –  be constantly on – rather text than eat – interrupter of all events – mind controlling cell phones have done.

We have turned into a pathetic generation of people that are mesmerized and controlled by our cell phones and other electronic devices. They do our thinking – communicating – calculating – keep track of our obligations – do our banking  – trade stocks – schedule appointments – wake us up and about 1,000 other thing that a human being had to do manually before they came on the scene.

Consequently  our brains have turned to mush – we can’t remember anything –  can’t carry on a conversation because all we do is text –  can’t count past 20 if we have our shoes off –  have depleted our personalities and in a nutshell have turned ourselves and our existence into no personality, zombie like creatures and a bunch of mentally deficient robots.


This video is very funny but it is not far from the truth. If society continues down this imbecilic path; in 10 years or less we will all have evolved into robotic androids.

download (3)

To start with; there is nothing as rude than some fool that is constantly on their device when at dinner or any other social gathering.  We should all get into the habit of leaving our 20th appendage in the car or shut it off when we go to dinner or a social event.

As we can see; that dog gone pesky little thing can cause us nothing but problems if we let it rule us instead of us ruling it.

download (2)

Last part of the video. When it gets so out of hand that we are more dedicated to our phone than our partners; someone else is going to reap the benefits.




Video scoop sent in by AC


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