Slime at it’s finest

I don’t care which side resorts to tasteless smear trash like this; it is totally unnecessary and a waste of good money.

Bill’s wife and her super intelligent advisors/campaign people spent 6 million dollars on a slew of these commercials. 6 million dollars. We wonder why politicians have no respect for our money.

If that money was given to a homeless shelter instead, they could have fed up to 110 people a day for 24 years. 24 years of feeding the homeless ladies and gents just was blown on some 30 second smear commercial. Real genius!!!!

Shelter for the homeless

Pacific House provides breakfast and dinner for about 60 to 80 men daily – with this number rising to about 90 to 110 individuals during the winter months. The cost of this service is almost $250,000 annually.

The people that are benefiting the most from these smear ads and laughing all the way to the banks  are the advertising companies. They are  cleaning up on the stupidity of the candidates that ran for the 2016 Big Chair.

One thing Bill’s squeeze better keep in mind; when it comes to ball breaking, she is up against a true professional.

If she had any backbone, she would have left the word fuck in the last segment. Why try to clean it up. The word fuck has become a household word anymore; why try to  camouflage it????



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