Political protection at it’s finest

Rep. Gowdy sounds off on Obama aide snubbing Iran hearing

May. 17, 2016 – 5:24 – Ben Rhodes not allowed to testify before House lawmakers on nuclear deal:

In a nutshell; according to credible witnesses; Ben Rhodes, one of Obama’s closest mouthpieces,  told reporters awhile back that the actual details of the Iran nuclear deal were camouflaged and contorted to soft sell it to the American people.


If all of the accusations that are coming down the pike with this administration are accurate; I don’t think I have ever witnessed such deliberate deception to the American people.  Best of all; there is never any accountability.

Did the people at the top ever look in the dictionary to see what the word they use so frequently transparency means?  It has never existed throughout this administration or any other one I can think of.  It is an absolute joke.

I don’t expect that top secret material be made available to the American public but I do suggest that we are honestly informed of what is going on with our country and it’s security.  That should not be asking too much.

Washington Post:

Has Obama delivered the ‘most transparent’ administration in history …


The Washington Post

Mar 16, 2015 – A signature promise of President Obama was to run the “most transparent” administration in U.S. history. His pledge to create an …

What do you think???
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