Flashing cash

What does a person do when they need a few bucks to impress their peers and are a little short on cash? Naturally they go out, find an innocent person, kill and rob them.  That is becoming an American standard/trademark and is exactly what these 3 scumbag killers did.


Two of the three scumbag killers were  in a rap group and going to perform in concert.  Part of their routine to impress the crowd was flashing cash but they had limited funds.

As we know many of the rappers and celebs love to flash  their cash when performing, it is suppose to demonstrate the level of their success. No one does it better than Floyd Mayweather but the difference is; he worked for it.

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Not so with the two down and out  wanna-be’s Joseph Brandon Jr., 18, and Jonathan Felix, 21. The two black idiots were not talented enough to make their money honestly so they decided to get it the easy way; with the help of another idiot, they pegged Tyler Macklin as their mark by to killing and robbing him.

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This good kid was just minding his own business, trying to live his life; until…..

Now the pair face armed robbery, armed burglary and conspiracy charges. The third conspirator is  a white imbecilic killer named Dylan Kindred who was the brains (if that is what you want to call him) of the outfit that came up with the target Macklin. He is being charged with conspiracy.  I say he is as guilty as the two killers and should be charged with 1st degree murder.

I am not suggesting that because some celebs are over the top narcissist and love to signify, is the reason these three degenerate killers killed a man for money. What I am saying is; the entire message to the younger generation out there is the wrong one.

Instead of a good example being set for them, encouraging them to WORK for a living the old fashion way; they are mesmerized  by all the flashing of the cash – glitter and want to take the easy route.  Many resort to selling drugs – becoming stick up artists – killing someone for money – healthy, strong, able bodied young kids living off of welfare like their family have for generations.  Their most hated word in the dictionary is the four letter word  WORK. 

THE ENTIRE MESSAGE IS WRONG.  The whole scenario starts when their mother is knocked up by some bum or has sex with multiple bums and she doesn’t even know who the daddy is – has 8 or 9 kids – is on welfare because she can’t feed them – the bum that knocked her up is nowhere to be found to support the kids or set a good example and is probably impregnating a dozen more women – they have no role model, guidelines, restrictions, ambition growing up – do not get the proper education and this sad scene is repeated over and over, one generation after another. 

This is one example out of thousands: 34 kids w/17 different women. 


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I watched the interview with this dude. As expected, he didn’t even know the names of some of hs kids.

Do all kids that grow up under these conditions turn out bad? Absolutely NOT but their chances of becoming stand-up – productive citizens is diminished greatly.  When anyone lives with dogs they usually get fleas.

What is the answer? I keep preaching it. EDUCATION starting from the second they pop out of that little cozy hideaway they spent 9 months in.

This should be one of the most important issues on our governments plate is EDUCATING our kids. When a person is EDUCATED and raised in a normal healthy environment, they do not go out and kill someone to flash cash or because they are bored.



Come on America politicians; get off of your dead asses. Start today with beneficial EDUCATIONAL programs for the younger generation. Just think; they are the future leaders of this country. If we continue down this dirty, twisted road, just try and imagine what the USA will look like in 20 years.

I would bet my life on this statement. If these kids and their parents had the proper EDUCATION – upbringing and supervision  when they were growing up; at least 95% or more of these crimes would not have happened. That is a huge number.

I would love to see our politicians, from Obama down, take a better look at what is going on in this country and do something constructive about it instead of wasting so much time figuring out how to feather their nest or building a billion dollar library to anoint themselves.

Let’s take some of the money or possibly all of the money we are GIVING away all over the world and start taking care of our country first. I know; I sound like a broken record but nothing ever changes. It is all political lip service.

Maybe we should arrange for all of the politicians in this country  to stay at the Hobo Hilton for a month to see if they have a different perspective on their disbursement of our government’s funds.

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I can not yell loud enough or stress it more emphatically; EDUCATION is the only avenue to success and civility.  


What would be easier and more beneficial for all parties concerned; EDUCATE our citizens or keeping filling body bags??

Hello Chicago:


This is a testament the USA should be very proud of.

 Chicago’s murder rate soars 72% in 2016; shootings up more than 88%

If these people were educated and had the proper guidance; this would not be a sad statistic.





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