They must be reading my mail

Fox News

This is the post I did yesterday.

Excerpt: I don’t know and I don’t care about these allegations because 75% or more of them are contrived. If it happened last night or a month ago and a record/report  was kept that would be a different story.

A former model named Rowanne Brewer Lane told Fox and Friends this morning that her account of the alleged misconduct by Trump was taken out of context, misquoted and “spun” by the New Times in order to portray the Republican presidential candidate in a negative light.

Lane said; they spun it to where it appeared negative. I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump.

download (9)

Take a look at the picture; Trump is a real gentleman.  Bad Boys don’t hold a lady’s hand.

What the idiots like the NY Times and all of the other lets’ get The Donald grinders are doing is backfiring on them and causing the opposite effect they expected.  They are trying to download (4)their way into a big SCOOP or find some dirt on him.  To think the Times have been in business for 162 years and still can’t get it tight.

Our History – New York Times

A distillation of more than 162 years, 58,000 issues and billions of words drawn from The New York Times’s archives and electronic database, the company’s records and various histories of the paper and its people.

Is the Times that desperate for a SCOOP that they do not do their homework before they print something as scandalous as this. Even the Enquirer is smarter than they are.


I would not be the least bit surprised if the Trumpster has his team of legal hounds nipping at their heels already.

This should be a lesson to ALL of the prospective Trump assassins  out there. This Dude has bokoo soldi to fight any false allegation put against him.  He has a pretty good track record of winning lawsuits.

When The Donald is through with the NY Times they may have to change to name on the front of their building to The Trump Times.

Never say never.


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