Sick puddy

Fox News

Police say Pennsylvania man poured gasoline on smoking girlfriend


In a not so apologetic manner, Kevin Small from Philly  told the cops; What do you want me to say? I lost it.

Small and  his girlfriend, 46-year-old Mellissa Bacon-Smith  were in a motel in Philly when they got into a heated arguement.

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For some unapparent reason Small had a cup of gasoline in his hand.  As the argument intensified, Small threw the cup full of gasoline at his girlfriend that was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette.

Smith died shortly thereafter.  Small  was arraigned Sunday on homicide, arson and other charges in connection with a deadly fire. It had to be premeditated. For what other possible reason would this sick puppy bring gasoline into a motel room except to do in his lady.

That has to be one hell of a way to check out, being burned alive.

If we had a crystal ball, we may not want to look into it.




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