At least one of them has a half a brain

Fox News

RNC chair says independent bid against Trump ‘a suicide mission’:


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus warned Sunday that any effort by conservatives to draft a candidate to run against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump would be a suicide mission for our country.

“What it means is that you’re throwing down not just eight years of the White House, but potentially 100 years on the Supreme Court and wrecking this country for many generations,” Priebus told “Fox News Sunday”. “And so, I think that’s the legacy these folks will leave behind.”

It appears that at least one of the pachyderm platoon has a half a brain. I agree with all of Priebus’s observations/deductions but he left one very important  fact out.  The PPPP (Pathetic Panicking Pachyderm Party) does not stand a snow balls chance in hell of winning the election with a 3rd party candidate. More importantly; they can’t find any dummy that wants to throw their sombrero into the ring; they may wind-up like this mat-a-door, a crumpled, gory  up mess.

images (2)

Remember my post of a week ago. If the PPPP does succeed in finding some challenger chump and goes ahead  with such a ridiculously desperate move to bet Trump with a 3rd party candidate, that is a guarantee that Bill’s wife will get the final check mark.

Suck it up fellas and unite. You are only cutting your own throats.


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