They are coming out of the woodwork

Remember what I said way back when. If anyone of the candidates pissed in their pants in the 5th grade, some snoop will find out. Especially when we have a news media like the Washington Post that hired 20 Sherlock Holmes digging dirt to put the blocks to Trump.

I would call that an act of desperation.

I have always tried to understand why  cockroaches only come out when the lights  come on. Where were all of these allegedly  abused people when the spot lights are not shining?

I don’t know and I don’t care about these allegations because 75% or more of them are contrived. If it happened last night or a month ago and a record/report  was kept that would be a different story.

What do these flaky  starlets  expect when they go to a celebs pool party where everyone is half naked or fully undressed, where  booze and whatever are flowing like water?  I have always maintained; don’t go where you don’t belong. Don’t stick your finger in the flame if you don’t  want to get burnt!!!  Follow both of those rules of thumb and you won’t go wrong.

Being a ladies man didn’t seem hamper most  of the presidents that tip-toed through the tulips.  Most of them were very good presidents.

Is it something to be proud of? Not necessarily but it seems that type of misbehavior comes with the territory with very powerful men. With JFK,  his indiscretions were overlooked because he was a war hero and because of his popularity.  In  Wild Bill’s case; if he would have rolled in the hay loft with someone his age, I may have not thought so poorly of the guy.

If these allegations are true; why do the ladies waiting so long to come forward to voice their objections? I am not suggesting that this is the case but it is not out of the question that some news agencies pay big bucks for dirt; true or not.

I am afraid that the side shows have just begun in this not very presidential election of name calling and mudslinging. 

Everyone in this world has skeletons in their closets; some going back decades.  I would like to see the candidates focus on what they CAN and will do for this country  if they get elected not what they promise they can do.  The name calling and innuendos are  getting a little old.



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