The Big Government Squeeze

Today the federal government came out with an order/directive/rule/guideline/demand that they are imposing all public schools in the USA. Read below to get their expectations.

With all of the legal jargon they accidentally left out the key word to this entire issue and it’s synonyms.

EXTORTION:  shakedown – theft – arm – badger – bite – compulsion – demand – exaction – force – oppression– payoff– payola– pressure – rapacity – shake –stealing – swindle

WASHINGTON — The federal government issued guidance to school districts on transgender students Friday amid a national debate on the use of public restrooms by transgender people.

Q&A: What does the Department of Education say about transgender bathrooms?

Q: What kind of a decree is this? What force of law does it have?

A: It’s not a congressional statute, an executive order or even a regulation. Instead, it constitutes what the federal government calls “significant guidance.” It puts school districts on notice about how the federal government interprets existing law — in this case Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. The guidance does carry the implied threat that failure to follow the federal government’s interpretation could result in the denial of federal education funding.

Denial of federal funding under duress = Extortion.

Why does 99.99% of the entire country have to change the way they have been doing things for 100’s of years, since the gender separation of rest rooms began because the .01% decided to change their sex or are confused about which way they want to bat.

I would bet the farm that at least 25% or more of these people are in the experimental stages of their lives and are going  jump shop at least a dozen more times until they make up their minds what they want to be; an M or an F. The old term was; they are trying to find themselves. 

Meanwhile, everyone in the country is being compelled to on their heads to accommodate them with the government assisting them by means of extortion. Absolute nonsense.

This PC generation is going to destroy the USA and all of the values that one time made it the best place on the planet to  live.

Optimistically we will get someone in the Big Chair in the next election that has some sense and represent all the people not the chosen few.



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