B Boy to B Boy

Mark Cuban sums the Trumpsters popularity.


This is the first time I have seen Cuban wearing a tie. He looks presidential or maybe vice presidential. 

That voter message — along with Trump’s vague proposals — has resonated among certain voters who firmly believe enough is enough, according to the 57-year-old entrepreneur and investor who appears on TV’s “Shark Tank.” They think “things have got to change and the one candidate that we think introduces change, particularly if you’re on the right, is Donald Trump.”

This entire election process should have nothing to do with popularity – social status – whose partner is the most attractive – whose has the most  soldi tucked under their mattress; it should be about; out of the two presumptive candidates, which one of them has the best suited for the job – who has the most credibility – has the  most honest intentions – the most drive and who can get the job done for the betterment of all legal American  citizens.

In life, people should be evaluated by past performance. From where I sit, it is not the one that wears the skirts that comes up with the highest marks.

She has had her shot at being a leader in the USA and made monumental mistakes that cost billions of dollars and most importantly, lives of Americans.  To top it off say:

That comment in itself should speak volumes.

When the voters go to the polls in November; they have to ask themselves one question. If we were at war, which one of the two presumptives  would they want in the foxhole with them??? I think the answer is simple. This is not a game of keep away or hide and go seek. It is a game of total success or failure. Let’s chose door # 1.

If Bill’s wife is so adamant on carrying on Obama’s legacy; I guess we all know who the best choice should be.

Listen to what Mark Cuban has to say. He didn’t get where he is today because he is a fool.



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