Make up your mind honey

UC President Janet Napolitano wants to scrounge up  $25,000,000.00 in Financial Aid To give to Undocumented College Students

Where the hell are they getting the money when the government is cutting the military and other entities because we are broke?  Where is their logic???

That is a far cry from when the lady was the director of  Homeland Security Secretary and deported over 2 million illegal immigrants.  That was the right thing to do.

She is a  sweetheart. This is a real slap in the  face to the kids that are citizens of this country who are paying for their college loans until they have gray hair or none at all.

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Speak up kids, she can’t hear you. 

There is one thing that so many people do not realize about politics and the world we live in.

Politics and politicians are in a class all by themselves and I do not mean the upper class. According to actual statistic they have a 82% disapproval rating. That means for every 100 people in the USA, 82 out of 100 think that politicians are worthless and not doing their jobs.  How does anyone think that would fare in corporate America?  All 82 of them would be fired before they could open their brown bag at lunch time.

Napolitano may not be in politics at this moment but it wasn’t too long ago that she was part of the system.

Do any of these political/financial wizards understand that there is a limit to how much water they can drain from a well before it dries up?  They are either total imbeciles or are trying to destroy this country.  Possibly both.

The majority of them spend the American taxpayers money like drunken sailors that have been stuck at sea for 4 years. They are sex starved; can’t wait to get to the nearest gin mill, grab a jug and  a broad and piss away all their money.

The day is going to come when all of the flagrant/incompetent operating of this country is going to come back and bite all the American citizens right in the ass. Where will all of the politicians be when it happens; in seclusion pointing their fingers at everyone else.

Is this national debt a joke to all of those salami’s?

Are the USA’s leaders ever going to start being more concerned for their own citizens than the illegals?  In their pea brains, they think that it is more beneficial to their political futures if they give the house away because that is the PC thing to do.

I still have not seen one of them open the front doors of their private homes and invite a couple hundred illegals to stay with the for an extended period. As long as there is no inconvenience or does not impact them or their family, they will continue down this give-away road for years to come.  So far there has been no one to put the brakes on them.

Janet Napolitano is one of Obama’s people, cut from the same cloth. For the life of me I will never understand why some people continually encourage GIVING money away instead of  urging people working for it. Sooner then later these entitlements and government mismanagement are going to bankrupt our government. I guess we can say; we have been bankrupt for many years already.

Check the real time clock.

Before you can click on  and off of the website, the national debt will have gone up a few billion dollars.

If for no other reason than using good common-sense, take a look at the clock and tell me that there is not a reason to be concerned about our future. It tells the whole tale of the USA’s financial dilemma.

By the way. All of you heavy duty contributors; don’t forget to step up to the plate and give generously to the Obama library to be built in Chicago. He is looking to spend 1 billion dollars on it. Give big!!

WOW. I thought the ancient pharaoh’s had big egos.

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One Response to Make up your mind honey

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I read yesterday that Illinois defunded program for kids with disabilities

    And increased funding for illegal immigrants

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