Off Limits????

Fox News

Senior Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and her lawyer walked out of a recent interview with the FBI about Clinton’s private email system after an investigator asked a question Mills believed to be off limits, according to a published report.


Are you shitting me. What kind of questions did  Ms. Mills think the FBI was going to ask her; where she went on  her last date?

If these questionable, many of them possibly being illegal, situations that the Clinton’s have been involved with through the years and their ability to worm their way out of them does not demonstrate the power they have in DC, than I don’t know what does.

If anyone of us, the average little people ever tried to walk out of a FBI interrogation, we would be eating out of a tin tray in 30 seconds.

I am going to have to put them, along with another notable in their own individual  group of people called  THE TEFLON SQUAD.



download (1)

These self-absorbed people have been laughing in the face and spitting  in the face of the law and the American people for years and will continue to do so if someone does not put the brakes on them.

I know that some PC-ers can’t get enough of them?????

We have to bear on thing in mind FOLKS; SOONER  – SOONER then later, even the best of the best go down.  NO ONE – NO ONE is bullet proof forever!!!!!

They must have more pull than this guy did. Hopefully the truth will come out.




So far the Old Girl has disappointed me in many cases.



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