This says a mouth full

Jindal: I don’t like Trump, but he’s better than Clinton

May. 10, 2016 – 4:34 – Former Louisiana governor says ‘sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two bad choices’

These comments from Jindal and this concept of mindset just may be the catalyst that gets Trump elected.  I don’t agree 100% with the ex-governor but he is bringing up some very solid, common-sense dialog.

As the old saying goes; I like the messages but don’t like the messenger.  Let’s face it, the more you see Trump the harder it is to wholeheartedly like the guy. I am not retracting any of my previous observations about him, I am just refining my some of my thoughts.

Being redundant; he is arrogant – a blovator – obnoxious – an ego maniac and a few other choice characteristics that are not the most faltering; BUT.  He is not a snake oil politician – doesn’t owe anyone – can not be bought- for the most part always backs up what he says – can look the beast in the eyes without shitting in his pants – is not afraid of making the strong hard decisions necessary to lead a country and most important, is a true patriot.

As long as he surrounds himself with well informed/experienced advisers and listens to their advice, he will make a good president.

When we put his attributes on a scale next to his deficits; the good definitely outweigh the bad. And when you put him on a scale with Bill’s wife; there is no contest as to who should run this country.

What I have been saying as well as many others; the thing that may get Trump into the Big Chair is; he is the best of the worst!!!!


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