Is there ever an end?????

Caitlyn Jenner to pose nude for Sports Illustrated cover:

Is there very an end to the insanity in this country???

She may still be a he until the final slice and dice.  As of June 2015, all that I have read, Jenner has no intention of having his male parts removed.  I guess he wants to remain as the consummate switch hitter.

My question is; what legally constitutes and differentiates a man from a women? Is it just a  role they want to play? Possibly some of them want to see what the other rest rooms look like.

I don’t know if Jenner did what he did for financial gain but he is sure making a bundle after the fact.

To put him as the cover girl on the cover of Sports Illustrated is ludicrous. It has nothing to do with his popularity or new found way of life; it is all about  $elling magazines.

I think all of the subscribers of the magazine should boycott it for awhile until the editors come back to their senses.


There is one thing I can say without reservations. The degenerates that steer the ships on the industries are most certainly destroying all the values that this country once had and are ruining the lives of the future generations by the poison they are putting out there.  Than society is asking; what is the matter with our kids today!!


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