His dishonorable honor Boeckmann

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Arkansas judge resigns after sexually explicit photos found on his computer

A couple of years ago we had some nitwit judge give a kid that killed 4 people  a 10 year probation sentence. It was labeled Affluenza because the idiot judge thought the kid was too rich and spoiled to know right from wrong.  That entire fiasco turned out to be a nightmare for all concerned.


A couple of years before we had another nitwit judge, let off a school teacher that molested some of her students because she was TOO beautiful to send to the slams. I will label that one Stupidenza.

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Now we have a judge that was giving some of the criminals that came before him lighter sentences for sexual favors. I will label this one; horny-old – bastard- enza.


Judge Joe Boeckmann’s resignation was for rolling in his chambers with people of the same sex  that added a little spice to the game. I know that many people in this day and age don’t see anything wrong with that arrangement but besides being disgusting it is highly unethical. I wonder if his dishonorable honorable hear of the old saying; don’t defecate where you masticate??? Or something like that.

Back a few years, when our country still had some decency and morality in it’s bones; there were people of various positions that were admired and trusted.  Cops – judges – politicians – priests – school teachers – counselors – doctors and a few other. These were prestigious positions and almost all of the people were solid citizens. What the hell do we have now but a bunch of freaks from all walks of life that absolutely can not be trusted.

I wonder how any people this piece of work judge sent to jail for far less crimes than he committed. Has to be hundreds.

This is an example of how smart the horny old bastard thought he was. He wrote checks out of his personal account to pay for the fines of some of the men/boys that he came before him in court and later hooked up with. Hellooooo judge. Paper trail.

The authorities should have not let this dude off so easy and sent him the the slams for a reunion with some of the people he put there. I am sure they would be happy to see him.

Best of all, his dishonorable honorable will have all the male companionship his big ass could handle. Like throwing Brer Rabbit in the briar patch; that is just where he belongs.

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Since Joey likes to take pictures, we can dig up Allen and put him on assignment to Joey’s local prison.

Smile Joey Boy, you may be  on    download (3)

As a concession for not serving any jail time, that I totally disagree with,  Boeckmann vowed that he would never seek employment as a local, county or state employee or public servant in the State of Arkansas.  Regardless of what; the good old boys still take care of their own.

That is not the brightest move in the world for the State of Arkansas’s ruling fathers. Did anyone ever tell these lenient lame brained people there are 49 more states for this pervert to roam around in???

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Get the map out fellas.


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