Republican rebels without a cause

Will Trump remove Ryan as convention chairman?

Has The Trumpster forgotten who his arch enemy’s Romney running mate in 2008? The old saying is that blood is thicker than water. The political version of that is; there is no honor or loyalty among thieves.  They can change their minds faster then Clark Kent can get suited up in a revolving door.

I truly believe that the rebel movement in the republican party is going to do them more harm than good.

Look at the black-balling  shenanigans that Cruz and Rubio tried to pull and back fired in their faces. To put the icing on the cake, Carly fell for Cruz’s con job, then she fell off  the stage.

Ouch! Carly Fiorina Falls Off Stage in Indiana (VIDEO)

I think the lady demeaned herself by accepting Cruz’s offer. He was only using her.

As long as the players have been in politics they still haven’t learned that; with unity there is strength.

You can take a pachyderm to a lake but you can’t make them drink; or something like that.

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