The PPPP – Pathetic Panicking Pachyderm Party

Romney met privately with Kristol to discuss third-party candidate

Years ago I belonged to a union that had somewhat of a similar situation as the the PPPP (a status thing, everyone wants to know as an acronym these day)  Pathetic Panicking Pachyderm Party has; descension, greed and a power struggle in the party.

It was election time in the union for one business agent position, which is a very prestigious and lucrative job in the unions, especially, like in politics, for someone with their hand out.

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In the first election, two people ran for the business agents position; we will call them # 1 & # 2.  There was a discrepancy in the election and a new election had to be held.

In the second run off election, instead of just two people running for the BA’a job  a third person slid under the door (# 3) and threw his dirty hard hat into the mix.

After the votes were counted; take a guess. # 1 & # 2 both lost and # 3 that slid in by divided the vote between # 1 & # 2. That is the key word; dividing the votes, something the PPPP is not smart enough to see what will happen if they do what they are considering.

This may require an explanation if some of the thick headed PPPP are reading the Goomba Gazette this morning; something I would whole hardheartedly suggest.

This ill conceived maneuver is essentially the monster that Romney and his Rough Riders are creating; back-dooring the system and having # 3 throw their dirty hard hat into the mix.

That stupid – idiotic – imbecilic move will split the votes between the republican party and guarantee putting a skirt in the Casa Bianca.  These are supposed to be intelligent people???????? How did they ever get as far in this world has they have???

We can classify it; the blind leading the blind.


If the dissenters in the republican party are true, faithful, loyal  members as they claim they are; they should suck it up. The voters have chosen the person they want to run for the presidency. End of story.

I would like to give the republican party a new handle. The PPPP; easier to say than the Pathetic Panicking Pachyderm Party. Just to be fair; a pachyderm is much smarter than the PPPP is. At least they follow the leader.

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I did a post in 2012 and said; the republican party has 4 years to select the strongest, most capable person to run for office in 2016.  I will bet when the time comes they will be standing their with Mr. Jones in their greedy little hands wondering what to do it.  

Three cheers for the PPPP. They did not disappoint me.

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I keep telling these fools that they need a brilliant adviser to bail their dumb asses out. I just happen to be free for the next few months fellas.  🙂 🙂



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