Shamefull – attention seeking little queens

CBS news

Two black New York college students who claimed they were victims of a racially charged assault on a public bus in January have reportedly been expelled.

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Ariel Agudio, left, and Asha Burwell are seen in photos obtained by CBS Albany affiliate WRGB-TV. A third liar Alexis Briggs was expelled last week 

I can only guess what the motive was of these three shameful little queens was when they made a false claim that they were attached by a group of white kids but I know for certain, they were up to no good.

I even did a post at the time defending them and chastising their alleged attackers. I can only comment on information I get that is supposed to be reliable.

There isn’t enough racial tension in this country these days without having some spoiled brat- trouble making instigators deliberately throw gasoline on the racial fires.

Did they expect the black community to gather around them and start a riot in protest??  I am glad some people kept a level head. Shame on them, they are disgraceful people.





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