Dining out pet peeves

Pet Peeve # 236:

I don’t know how many people these days that take notice or pay attention to the LITTLE THINGS in life that are happening around them?

I have observed countless times a very unsanitary/gross habit practiced in restaurants by it’s  poorly trained workers.  I still can not get over the fact that when bus people in eateries, high end and low end places alike clear the tables, they wipe everything into a pile and than push it on the floor.

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How hard could it be for the bus person to carry a pan or a try and push the debris into the container instead of on the floor?  On top of it they use the same rag over and over again without rinsing it out or getting another one.  Very unsanitary.

I was in such a place last week; brand new restaurant, 4 star rating, the bus people were pushing the food on the floor. Not the big pieces but the crumbs. I went over and told the manager of the place and it appeared to me that a light went off in his head, like never noticed the obvious before. He thanked me and assured me the practice would change. I will have to go back on a recon patrol next week to check it out.

What they have at the end of the day is, all of the food pushed onto the floor has been ground into the carpet or smashed onto the hardwood floors.

How many times have you seen restaurant workers step over or on top of something instead of picking it up. More times then not.

Pet peeve # 237:

What has been developed in Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory are a new generation of PC pathetic parents that have raised a bunch of out of control brats that should never be taken out to eat. They think the world is their dumping ground and that other patrons that are paying good money for their dinners, should have to be subjected to these brats poor behavior and tantrums.

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At times I have seen enough food on the floor after the pack leaves to feed a small village in Cambodia.  The idiot PC parents either step over the mess or walk in it when they leave the table. They are either blind – stupid – ignorant or all of the above. I hate to see what their homes looks like.

These same sociably inept people allow their brats to behave like renegades running all over screaming and disrupting everyone in the places dinner. They should have tied the little monsters up in the car; naturally leaving the window open for ventilation.

I don’t know if the PC parent were brought up under a rock or what.  They just do not have any social skills whatsoever and have no consideration for the people  around them.

I know it is not the PC thing to do to correct your brats. They may turn out to be serial killers. GOOD JOB JOEY – GOOD JOB – GOOD JOB!!  Pet peeve # 187: constantly complimenting kids even when they make mistakes. Give me some air!!

Pet peeve # 238:

Holding utensils properly. It really has no association/connection with anyone’s financial status. I have seen the poorest of people hold their utensils properly and have seen some of the most supposedly refined and well off people, look like they were raised in a cave.

It is always very amusing to me to see some guy wearing a $2,000.00 suit holding his silverware like Attila the Hun.

images (3)          images (4)

download (2)

Emily Post the Queen of etiquette would roll over in her grave if she would witness some of the poor table manners people use today. No one cares anymore.

download (3)          images (5)

Years back it was pretty uncommon to see anyone holding their utensils the wrong way but the bad habit is becoming more and more common.  If the parents were not taught by their parents, how are they supposed to teach their kids??

Another gigantic issue we have in this world today; mancanza di genitori (lack of parents); which has to be the most significant problem with the proper development of families we have in this world today.

Through the years there have been many basic behavior or social skills that have been kicked to the curb. When I was growing up it was a good a parents responsibility to make sure their kids were taught the finer things in life. .

I am sure I am not the only one that notices! Most people today have been programmed to stick their heads in the sand and hope that all unpleasant issues they are supposed to deal with goes away.  It never does.

If you know of any  pathetic PC parents with some out of control brats; tell them to get a sitter the next time they go out for dinner. I hate to go out to eat and have to pay to get malato allo stomaco.

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Bona patete


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