Another loyal party member

Fox News

Jeb Bush says he will not vote for Donald Trump in November

May. 06, 2016 – 3:39 – Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Trump surrogate and former Jeb supporter, responds on ‘Your World’

There are a few adjectives that I can use to describe Jeb Bush.  Team player – sour grapes – poor loser – loyal party member – soul seller – part of the sheep’s herd and all out crybaby.

If Bush is not going to vote for Trump in November; he is going to have one other choice where to put his X.  Or on the other hand, he can exercise his right as so many sad ass Americans do that love to bitch about the conditions in this country and not vote.

What I categorize a group of people or a person that abandons their party because they don’t like the rules they themselves wrote;  they are full-fledged members of the Benedict Arnold fan club; traitors to their party.


So much for the promise all of the candidates made to support the winner of the primary in their party. All of the candidates signed a pledge as few months ago to support the front runner when the time came.

Do these people even know what the meaning of a  pledge or a promise means?? This is just another stellar example of how they do their jobs.  I understand that the new political oath all politicians have to take before entering their newly elected office; I solemnly swear to promise I will never keep my promise; so help me – I forgot his name.  

Most probably, most of them had to do an apprenticeship at the University of  Used Car Salesmen before taking office.

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Don I have a deal for you!!

Commander and Chief

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2 Responses to Another loyal party member

  1. Since Trump won’t commit to any pledges himself, why should anyone else have to be bound by a hypothetical promise to support him? You’re saying Bush should still be obligated to his party, even if he thinks the election of its nominee would be harmful to the country.

    I don’t believe mandatory voting is our tradition, or part of our laws. We all get to change our minds right in the booth, or opt out at any time, for any or no reason, even write in someone’s name who’s not on the ballot.

  2. Rifleman III says:

    Maj.Gen. B. Arnold, was driven to his act, by scheming political hacks in Philadelphia and by Lt.Gen. “Granny” Gates, a true coward. Arnold was a magnificently Brave Warrior, and Washington, himself, had a monument to Arnold (though the name is erased), of the wounded Left Leg, which remains in New York State, to this day. The bottom line is that, Washington knew that Arnold was under stress, as Arnold, from his own pocket, fed his troops, and paid them a salary. He tried to recover what expenses he laid out, to forward the momentum without or very little, disertion rate, and George Washington, did absolutely nothing to help his good friend and fellow Master Mason Brother. When all is said and done, I would rather have one Benedict Arnold as a combat commander than ten political hack commanders.

    A more appropriate traitor, who exceeded Arnold’s act, would be PFC Bradley Manning.

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