Merda o scendere dei ragazzi pentola.

Documents show State Department missed target date for special Benghazi unit

Even Helen Keller can see that there has been a significant/monumental attempt to cover-up the Benghazi slaughter from the beginning.

The authorities have been PUSSY-FOOTING and stumbling around in the dark with this disgraceful issue for years now.  Aren’t they ashamed of themselves??? Apparently not.

The Fat Brothers Institution has been playing with themselves and looking absolutely ridiculous with what they want to call an investigation that seems to be going nowhere.  They said from day one that it would be transparent,  not be political or show any favoritism or partiality.  So far all I can say to that is


The only thing transparent about them is the Saran Wrap they put over their food to heat in the microwave.  The FBI used to be one of the pillars of or government. Is that telling us anything????

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The old Italian proverb is Fellas, shit or get off the pot. Either do your job and prosecute  whats her name or drop the case and continue to look like fools. If it were someone else, they would have been breaking rocks a long time ago.

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It took a very short amount of time to prosecute General Petraeus for his little indiscretions while rolling in the hay loft with his squeeze.

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The FBI has talked a good game since they started snooping around but up until now it has been all lip service.

ANYONE – ANYONE that has a hand in this cover-up is a disgrace to their country and dishonor the people that gave their lives to protect their ass.

Time to merda o scendere dei ragazzi pentola.

Commander and Chief

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