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Former Bush chief of staff: A Donald Trump presidency scares me

Andy Card, who served as chief of staff to President George W. Bush, said on “CBS This Morning” Friday that the idea of Donald Trump as president worries him, citing the billionaire’s “emotional” reactions as cause for concern.

Mr. Card must be a card. I think people like Card that make irrational statements as they do are living in La La Land and are very delusional.

If Mr. Card was an adviser to GWB and his father, he did a very poor job of advising or they did a very poor job of listening. The legacy that GWB has left behind is horrendous.

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No one on the planet earth can deny the facts that GWB’s presidency and his unnecessary actions are a direct result of what is going on in the world of terrorism today.

Sad Ham & Mo A Mar had all of those renegades in their country under control.  They ruled their countries with an iron fist and got results. Were they too heavy handed with their methods? Absolutely yes but it worked for them and it worked for the world.

I have no idea what Trump will do if he gets the green light but I can say without reservations; if he gets in, he can’t do any worse than his predecessors.

I sometimes wonder if I am giving these dudes and dudesses in high places too much credit for them supposedly being intelligent people.

What makes a good adviser you ask???  A person with an abundance of common sense – a lot of street smarts and knowing the product. This is a big issue I have with ANYONE serving as the president of the USA that has not served in the military. They don’t have a clue.

Like in an successful company; it is only a good as it’s workers; the grunts in the field that do the dirty work. Any BOSS, regardless of what organization that thinks they are the whole show are sadly mistaken.  They are only as good as the people they surround themselves with.  Need I say more!!

If Trump gets the nod, I believe that this is one of his foremost game plans, to surround himself with best advisers in the business.

Donny; I am available. 

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